Month 3

Order Cycle: 1 Month

Lead Time: 2 Months

Target Service Level: 95%

Unit Cost: $5.00

Order Cost: $2.00

Carry Rate: 20%

You now have your first receipt from your order two months ago in Month 1. Going forward you will see your receipts come in and have an affect on your service level and the inventory levels you are carrying. You will be scored starting on the performance from this month until the game is finished.

Good luck!

The Buying Game Month 3

Month 3

Receipt Month 3
Begin On Hand Month 3
Available Month 3
Demand Month 3
Ending On Hand Month 3

Month 2

Receipt Month 2
Begin On Hand Month 2
Available Month 2
Demand Month 2
Ending On Hand Month 2

Month 1

Receipt Month 1
Begin On Hand Month 1
Available Month 1
Demand Month 1
Ending On Hand Month 1

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