Welcome to the Buying Game

Let's test your ability to forecast and buy toilet paper for a warehouse distributor!

This game simulates the challenges and decisions a buyer faces for a warehouse distributor when trying to purchase product lines from a supplier. For the purpose of this game, you will be challenged to buy the right amount of toilet paper.

At the end of the game you will be able to compare your results with the results from a computer algorithm. 

For the sake of teaching and simplicity, you will only be purchasing one type of toilet paper from one supplier in this game.

Unlike real life, this supplier will always deliver your toilet paper on time and in the perfect amounts you ordered. As well, the demand displayed will always be accurate for the toilet paper product. 

Usually, a buyer would have to purchase multiple products (not just toilet paper) from multiple suppliers while balancing many factors such as scattered demand, inconsistent lead times, order minimums and maximums, forward buying, etc.

By keeping the focus on one product and our requirements straightforward we can challenge your ability to manage and buy this product!

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