What is the Buying Game?

Buying a proper amount of inventory for a distributor is extremely difficult.

There is an inventory joke that goes:

If the warehouse has too much… it is the buyers fault.

If the warehouse has too little… it is the buyers fault.

But if the warehouse has just the right amount… great job Sales Team!

At K3S, we understand the challenges of buying, as well as how underappreciated the difficulty of the task can be. One of the best ways to educate people on how difficult buying can be is to play the buying game!

This game gives you the role of being a ‘buyer’ of one individual product. Going through the process of playing the game the individual can learn how difficult this process is for just one product.

But real buying isn’t just one product at one stable supplier. It is tens to hundreds of thousands of products to hundreds of suppliers!

At K3S we understand the challenge of not just buying, but buying smart.

Use this game to educate yourself, your leadership, and others on the difficulty of buying inventory. Once you understand the challenge, K3S can help you solve these challenges and reach your inventory goals!

At K3S.. We Know Inventory.

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